There is no doubt… if you want to change something in your life, the beginning of a new year is a great time to start momentum.  You’re fresh from a holiday, enjoying the sunshine (in Australia anyway!) and return to work inspired to do things differently.  I get it… I really do!  But if you truly want to make a change, the last thing you should call it is a new years resolution – otherwise it is certain to fail!

New years resolutions get a bad wrap!  Essentially as a brand, resolutions don’t have good stickability.  The concept is built for failure because you will inevitably – not live up to the resolution.  It is a short-term brand built on guilt!

So what to do?  As a parent that has just (very recently!) turned 40, it is all about clever branding – by not calling it a resolution!  You will be more forgiving on yourself, more flexible and if it doesn’t work out – you can call it something else further down the track – I mean who has ever set a new year resolution mid year?

I have some changes I want to make to my life.  Changes to a routine I have built up over many many years.  Changes to some habits that are no longer serving me well. Changing to increase more ‘me time’, a focus on being healthy, exercising more and blowing bubbles more (scuba diving).  These are my changes for 2013 and to help encourage its long-term success – I am branding this change my ’40 and focused’ phase.  See – it even sounds longer…

Why start the new year destined for failure?  Brand your changes the way you want – its more fun that way!


Me diving with a massive beautiful Potato Cod at the Rowley Shoals

If your wind-down towards Christmas has been anything like mine – it has been a bit manic, crazy, frantic and slightly overwhelming all at the same time. 

With everything that is happening around the world, I feel it is a good time to express my gratitude and love for my family and friends.

AND my appreciation for the people I spend the majority of my time with – my awesome Hubster team at The Hub Marketing Communications.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a team photo from The Hub – so I thought I would share this with you!  I hope it makes you smile…

Have a magical Christmas and be safe on the roads.

See you again in two weeks – all refreshed and slightly overweight from all the mince pies and champers – to start this all over again for another massive year in 2013!


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I am selfish.Women_in_leadership_ppt_JumpingWoman_Slide29

OK… weird way to start… let me clarify.

I am selfishly invested in recognising the value women have in business… hang on, hang on… before you close this blog – hear me out.

It has taken me 40 years to admit publicly that I am in fact a feminist.  Growing up in the 80’s the term feminist certainly had negative connotations, of hairy armpit, bra burning, aggressive women that never brush their hair.  In hindsight I think I was a closet feminist, although I never burned a bra and well… did the other bits regularly – but you don’t need to know those details.

Why am I now comfortable to publicly admit that I am a feminist?  Because now more than ever it is time for change.  This is where my selfishness comes in…

When it was just about me and my career as a business woman – in the early days I did it on my own, without really a thought of changing it for others.  It was easier to focus on me and what I needed to do to progress, glass ceiling or not.

Why was I so career focused?  In hindsight I think was because at a young age my mum died and I turned to my Dad as a role model.  Dad had always run his own business and from my perspective – he instilled in me a strong work ethic, a no handout mentality to create your own independence.  If I wanted something – you worked for it.  Maybe that is why it didn’t seem like a big deal when starting and growing my own business.  I am pretty sure Dad doesn’t understand his role in my life choices.  It is what it is – I can’t change who I am, nor would I want to.

But then I became a parent.

I had two children.

Two girls.


Suddenly it was more than about me – but actually this made me even more selfish.  Now it is about the world I want for my daughters to grow up in.

If my daughters were entering the workforce now – this is what they would face in Australia.

This is just not good enough.


With two young girls, my focus is the betterment of this – for them.  No matter what or who they want to become – so they have choice, freedom and a pathway to be whoever they want to be…

We need to encourage change.


We know…


A huge thank you to the Lush TV team for producing this video.  They rock

Information and research data for these two videos were sourced from McKinsey and Co, EOWA, the Harvard Business Review and Nicolle Jenkins.

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“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something.  It’s as simple as that.  A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  But today.  The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”     – Nolan Bushnell

We all have a lot of ideas but few decide to do something – we wait… I’m not sure what we wait for… but we do wait…  and I fell into this trap last week.

While I definitely consider myself a ‘doer’, I found myself waiting for permission to lead in a topic that I am very passionate about.  Call it fate, but the above quote flashed across my screen and I realised I was waiting for something.  I’m not sure what I was waiting for or who I wanted to gain permission from to begin?  Was I waiting for that all-inspiring tap on the shoulder from someone who recognised my amazing contribution (if I do say so myself) and pull me aside and say (in a deep authoritative voice) ‘please lead, you are an amazing achiever and we all look to you for guidance’.

Yep – we all know that ain’t gunna happen!

Are you a company creator, an organisation opener, a fire starter or a movement maker BUT waiting for someone to tell you it’s ok to lead?  Could you become a leader before other people see you as one?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for patience (even though it is not really one of my traits) but it is patience that is the curse for emerging leaders.  It can undermine our ideas, our potential and stop us from taking the lead.

The lesson for every aspiring leader…. you simply must begin.  Today.

So I did.

I believe in the power of the small business sector.  In Australia small businesses employed 4.8 million people in 2011.  In Western Australia there are 71,450 employing small businesses, equating to approx 47% of employing businesses.  This is refered to as the small business sector, and yet there is absolutely nothing small about it – we are a large voice – in fact we are a HUGE voting voice.

Yet because we are scattered across all industries and generally we have our head down and bum up working hard in our business – we rarely come together as a strong united voice.

Which is why I am making a stand TODAY for small business in Western Australia.

We have an opportunity.  An opportunity to create change in the lead up to the State election for small business – but to create this change we need to stand together, create momentum and show how large the small business sector really is.

I call on ALL that are employed by a small business, buy from a small business or manage/own a small business to join this facebook page to create the necessary change in the lead up to the State election.  For the small business sector (considered the pulse of our economy) to truly thrive we need change – and the message is simple.

As Chair of the Small Enterprise Network (SEN) through the CCI – our priorities for the next WA Government are:

1. Payroll Tax reform – the outdated threshold to be lifted, the tax cut and indexed

2. Address the labour shortage – upskilling and migration

3. Regulation reform priorities – Local Government regulation and compliance consistency

To join small business leaders and ambassadors for change, please like and be part of this campaign at:

Make a stand today… don’t wait for permission – you already have it.

Yes…after a couple of years of promising that I would start a blog, I have finally begun.  I thought I would start with a video (so I didn’t have to write much – see I am cheating already!)

I have a plan for this blog, to write about life, inspirational stuff and marketing all of which reflects who I am, as a 39 year old (nearly 40, jeez), mother, business owner, scuba diving marketing chick.  I love writing but don’t do enough of it, so I am going to dedicate one early morning a week to write my thoughts on something that inspires me.  I hope my thoughts or learnings inspire you – or at least make you smile.  Thanks for joining me…

As my first entry to my blog, I thought it timely to introduce my business, The Hub Marketing Communications and how we work…