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Happy birthday Hub!

You are probably looking at my photo and thinking… seriously, she looks a bit older than nine… (only a bit, surely!) 

This year my marketing business, The Hub celebrates its ninth birthday.

On 10 February 2005, I sat down at the computer for the first time, without a secure job, as The Hub Marketing Communications. I started with one client, the spare room as the office and one staff member (ok, he was my dog, let’s just say mascot).

Interestingly, at the very same time I started officially wearing the entrepreneurial hat, others were doing the same – YouTube began and the Huffington Post was launched.

Other events worthy of mention in 2005 – the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system, Eris, was discovered. There was the landing of the Huygens probe on Saturn’s moon Titan. The movie, Catwoman won the 25th Golden Raspberry Awards. Steve Fossett became the first person to fly an airplane around the world solo without any stops and without refueling. Tiger Woods won the 69th Golf Masters Championship.

Clearly, The Hub was in good company.

In a professional sense, much has changed since the advent of The Hub. Social media and digital platforms began and changed the face of marketing and communications. Dependent on your attitude (and control issues) from a business perspective you might think it’s the worst thing since the Catwoman movie. Or like me, consider the significant opportunities these platforms create for business.

We have grown from one person and one client, to a team of ten with more than 40 clients Australia-wide. Who would have thought? Actually most people know I have a 15 year plan – I am a bit like that. I even planned the timing of the birth of my first child.

From a personal perspective, I had a few milestones myself, with the most notable being getting married, having two children, finishing a couple of degrees and publishing a book. It is amazing what you can get done in only a few years!

Through all this, The Hub and I have happily and steadily evolved, innovated, changed and grown. I’m a big believer in not growing the fastest or being the biggest, this doesn’t drive me. What drives me is partnering with exciting inspirational leaders wanting to achieve exceptional results in whatever sector they lead.

We are inspired by these people. We like working with them in helping them achieve their goals and at the end of the day, this drives our team.

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To inspire is great!


Throughout our nine years a couple of things haven’t changed.

My vision, of being the most sought-after marketing communications firm. The other being my first ever client is still with us.  Brian Leyden, it is good to have you still with us after so many years.

Here’s to the next exciting nine years.


PS – for more Hub news, check it out here


A friend died yesterday and I can’t stop crying.  I knew he was sick and not doing well, but his death has taken my breath away.

He was close to my age and only last week when we chatted and he was positive he was going to kick this ‘infection’.  Today I found out it was cancer and true to his form, he didn’t burden many people with the truth or the seriousness of his condition because he thought more about others than himself.

When he told me that his doctors told him to get his affairs in order, I didn’t believe him.  When he started to cry, I still didn’t think it possible.  I am struggling because he was young, he was a caring person, he was incredibly strong and as I told him – if there was anyone that could beat this – it was him.  He didn’t let anything push him around, and that is what I loved about him. I wish I could bottle that strength and power for future use.

He would be so disappointed.  He would be disappointed that his body gave up on him because his brain was sharp right till the end.

I am sad, I have lost an inspirational business mentor and friend.  I have lost someone who I could turn to, and no matter what – he would be there for me.  I am sad for the young family he left behind.

Then today in an unrelated matter, a friend shared with me how she is being bullied at work.  I know the bully, because I too have felt the brunt of his actions and words – and I can’t help but feel sorry that my friend is gone and the bully is still here.  I know, harsh, but that is how I feel.  I feel ripped off, as I am sure so does his kids and wife.

What is very real to me today, is that cancer is impossible to reason with.  That even the strong and courageous and undeserving can fall.

(Deep breath)  I have always believed that from every difficult challenge or situation there is always a solution or positive element we can take away, but sometimes life is so unfair that it is difficult to see anything positive from such a tragedy.

The only thing I can do to stop myself from feeling totally powerless – is to never give cancer a capital c.

I will miss you Mikey Mike.